The idea for Crave Designs WALLi was born fifteen years ago when I was annoyed that there were never any shoe horns in the fitting rooms where I tried on clothes and that I almost always wore shoes that were difficult to put on without shoe horns.

The idea has been brewing until two years ago when I made a move and took hold of my idea. Six months ago, the first copies were finished.

Now my shoe horn can be found in rehearsal rooms, hotel rooms, gyms, paddling halls and private homes. Now the range is broadened and WALLi is ready for the world market.

It is important for us to take social responsibility and therefore WALLi is assembled and packed by Sinia in Nybro. Sinia’s mission is to create safe and meaningful employment with a view to personal development and improved quality of life for people who find it difficult to compete in the labour market.

Crave Design cares about the environment, and besides not having to buy new plastic shoe horns that break or get lost, WALLi is made from recycled waste material and the box is made from recycled paper.

Anette Andersson, founder and innovator.